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Miss DD Goes to Auction—and WINS!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Yesterday, our executive director, Natalie Vowell, spoke to Miss DD at her Wells/Goodfellow home.  They spent an hour on the porch together, Miss DD recounting all the memories made there.   Miss DD’s grandparents were the second black family to move into the neighborhood.  Their house, built in 1914, has been in the family since.  But it was slated for tax auction the very next day, with an opening bid of $1,786.  Miss DD only had $1100 and had been unable to work out a payment plan with the Collector of Revenue in time.   PRTR tried to raise the other $686 to cover the remaining expenses to purchase it at auction.  But by midnight, we still had no donations, and the chances of Miss DD being able to bid on her grandparents’ home were looking grim…

At 7am today, Natalie received a text from an unfamiliar number.  It was an anonymous donor—whom PRTR wishes we could thank publicly!—offering to supplement the remainder of the starting bid on Miss DD’s grandparents’ house.  Miss DD met Natalie at the courthouse this morning for the tax auction, on a hope and a prayer that no one else would bid on the property.  They anxiously awaited the parcel number to be called… Placed the bid…  “Going once, going twice, SOLD.”  Miraculously, Miss DD got it for minimum bid with no competition, paid for it, and received her Sheriff’s sale receipt!  Thanks to the kindness of two anonymous strangers, Miss DD’s historic home will continue to serve as a family gathering place, making new memories for generations to come…  St. Louisans are some amazingly generous people!