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Sam, Army Iraq Veteran, Keeps His House

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Today, we went to our court hearing to request a continuance on confirming Sam’s property into the name of the LRA.  Outside the courtroom, Sam said to us, “I already told my boys this Christmas is–whew!–well, it’s gonna be tight.  They’re not getting much this year. But I think they understand.”

This father of two sons is an able-bodied, employed Army veteran who served two tours in Iraq. He paid off a $10,000 mortgage on this house in under 3 years, only to face losing it to the LRA over just $947 in unpaid real estate taxes.  Civil rights attorney Eric Vickers has taken Sam’s case pro bono to ask the court for more time, so that Sam can save up the money.  He’s working as many shifts as he can, but the judge will accept no less than the full payment amount..

We only have one more chance to raise the funds, or Sam’s property will go to the LRA on January 14, 2016.  If you can, please donate so this St. Louis family can enjoy their holidays and keep their house.  Thanks in advance, everyone!

Veteran’s Week Bake Sale: A Success!


Veteran’s Week Bake Sale: A Success!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Earlier this year, Mr. Fisher lost his home to the LRA.  Within 24 hours, we raised most of the money to buy it back, and attended an LRA meeting to learn the application process for purchasing LRA property.  But we were still a couple hundred dollars short, so our stellar Project Raise The Roof volunteer, Cherie, decided to make Veterans Day last an entire week by whipping up some goodies for the PRTR Veteran’s Week Bake Sale to benefit Mr. Fisher.  She delivered tasty treats from November 11th–18th.  Supporters placed delivery orders for themselves, their friends, and veterans to show appreciation for their service.  Cherie was able to raise all the necessary funds, and we look forward to working with the LRA to get his home back!  LRA meetings are open to the public, and we hope you’ll join us when Mr. Fisher’s paperwork is complete and our proposal is up for review.  Stay tuned for the meeting date…and keep your fingers crossed for Mr. Fisher!


Deputies, Donors, and Clients

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

This evening, PRTR clients and donors met at Julia Davis Library for our first Uplifting Networking Event.  Deputies Jennings and Gower from the Sheriff’s Department joined us to explain the tax auction process.  We shared skills, stories, information, inspiration, and a few laughs! Excellent conversations had and connections made.  Looking forward to the next meet-up in January 2016.

“If everyone is able to pay their taxes or come to the auctions and purchase these vacant buildings,” said Deputy Jennings, “that puts me out of a job. And I would be happy about that! It would mean everything in our city is going well.”