Get Involved

Want To Get Involved?

Project Raise The Roof is all about building strength within the St. Louis City economy and bridging divides across neighborhoods.  Here are a few things you can do to help your neighbors and fellow City residents make St. Louis an even better place to be.

Host An Event

Do you own a venue or interesting architectural space?  Run a restaurant or pub?  Have a creative vision for a super-fun fundraiser?  Would your band like to play a benefit show?  Or just want to throw a house party for friends (and a good cause) in your cozy St. Louis home?  Donate a portion of the proceeds to PRTR.  We can assist with planning, promotion, and volunteers (if needed), and we’re happy to help contact potential venues and vendors to assist with your event.  Send your great ideas to [email protected].

Donate A Property

Have a property you no longer wish to maintain, but want to help a St. Louis family become homeowners?  Donate it!  We accept properties in just about any condition, at no charge to the donor.  Property donations are tax-deductible based on the appraised value of the property, not the purchase price.  Donors are eligible to claim up to 38% of the property’s appraised value as a deduction on his or her annual income taxes, and PRTR will provide a receipt for your records along with a Certificate of Value.  E-mail us the property address at [email protected].

Become A Volunteer

We love our volunteers!  Operate a booth at a community event, become an outreach specialist, help us clean up an alley, or grab a sledgehammer and join us in a demolition project to relieve some stress!  If you have special skills, you may wish to assist in coordinating/teaching entrepreneurship classes or skilled trades workshops.  Contact us at [email protected] and let us know how you’d like to help.

Lead A Skilled Trades Workshop

Many of the homes we sell are historic fixer-uppers in need of some professional care.  Often, our new homeowners need a hand learning the basics of do-it-yourself home maintenance and improvement.  If you’re an experienced tradesperson, we would love to invite you to share your knowledge with new homeowners and their families and neighbors.  We strive to build strong communities, and we believe that begins at home.  E-mail [email protected] and tell us about your craft.

Contractors’ Labor Trade in Exchange for Property

We will begin partnering with skilled trades professionals and local start-up business to provide them with a property of their own in exchange for work on urgent low-income, senior, and veteran home repair projects.

Sponsor a Family

Each year, hundreds of St. Louis families face losing their homes due to delinquent taxes.  If the taxes are not paid in time, the property is sold at the City’s auction, for the starting bid of taxes owed.  Anyone is eligible to purchase the property, including developers and other private businesses.  If the home does not sell, the family may be evicted by the City and the house becomes the property of the Land Reutilization Authority (LRA).  Often times, these homes are occupied by fixed-income seniors, veterans, or young families who may have inherited the property from a relative who has passed.  You can help keep these families in their homes by making a donation*.  PRTR educates our clients on navigating municipal procedures and to help homeowners make payment arrangements with the Collector of Revenue to become current on their back taxes.  We stay in touch with our clients to ensure they fully understand the tax auction process and ensure their homes never end up on the auction block again.

* Please note: Donations made specifically for the purpose of assisting with tax payments are not tax-deductible.


Tax-Deductible Contributions

At this time, we do not offer tax-deductions for donations as all of our funding goes directly toward property tax assistance for our clients.