Mr. A Meets Miss Debra

Monday, August 24, 2015

Last month, we assisted Mr. A in keeping his home from going to auction.  En route to City Hall, he asked what other kinds of work PRTR does.  When Mr. A heard about another one of our clients, Miss Debra, and her upcoming surgery/recovery, he could not bear that she had no air conditioning in her home.  He told us he had a spare window unit to give her, and asked only for transportation to get it to her house and install it in the window of her choice.

Today, Mr. A heaved his A/C into the backseat and hauled it over to the Miss Debra’s home.  At Miss Debra’s front door, the two were introduced for the very first time, and Mr. A immediately set to work.  Miss Debra sat on her bed, recovering from her latest doctor’s visit as Mr. A installed her new window unit.  Once it began pumping a cool breeze into Miss Debra’s bedroom, she perked up: “Thank you, oh, thank you!”  She handed him a few dollars and insisted, “Now, young man, you go buy yourself a soda-pop.”  As it turns out, these two live only a few blocks from one another.  This is what building strong neighborhoods looks like!