Sam, an Army Veteran, Fights to Keep His House

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Last year, Sam, a 2-tour Iraq Army veteran, lost his house to the City of St. Louis Land Tax Auction over $947 in delinquent real estate taxes.  Since before Thanksgiving 2015, this father of 2 boys has worked extra hours and taken on side jobs earning money to retain his property.  Today, we went to the Civil Courts building to handle Sam’s final continuance…and kept his home from becoming property of the LRA (Land Reutilization Authority), thanks to Sam’s hard work and your donations.  Extra special thanks to civil rights attorney Eric Vickers, a couple proud Military Moms, Master Sgt. D, and a few U.S. Airmen—currently deployed overseas—who couldn’t bear to see a fellow vet fall upon hard times.  Neighbors helping neighbors, veterans helping veterans.  High-five yourselves, St. Louis!